Assistance in removal of information from the Internet

Removal of information

Internet, large-scale development and improvement of computer technologies, innovative developments. We all know that you can find absolutely any information on the Internet because search engines improve their work almost every day. Any data can be found by coincidence in a single word thanks to a creation of some special filters. But even in the age of computer perfection there can be flaws, such as the ability to remove information from the Internet. How to remove information from the Internet? Why there is no description written about such a convenient system? Unfortunately, this kind of process has not yet been established. Only we can help you to date, remove information, remove negative reviews about companies, remove your personal data from the Internet as a fully established company. Removal of negative reviews is a process of serious building of the system of work, updating the sequence of" cleaning " of negative reviews about companies, observance of complete confidentiality, complete removal of negative reviews – this work is a huge subject for specialists in their business. If you are interested in highly affordable removal of negative reviews and change in search engines, you have come to the right site! For a more accurate calculation, you can use the online application.

The complex of works on the removal of information from the Internet

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Creating a positive image of the company

Creating a positive image

We have over five years of successful experience in the sphere of mass media. Our experience and professionalism allow us to quickly organize high-quality monitoring of the Internet space, in order to detect any references to the company/ brand/ person and further competent response to them. Turning to us, you get transparent reporting and can be sure that we act in accordance with the regulations and use only the official approach! Becoming our client, you can be sure that no review will not go unnoticed! Now, the attacks of competitors will turn against them and any negative feedback will be given a competent response (agreed with you) which will help to lead the situation in a positive direction. Do you think that they say too little about you and your services? So, they will say as much as you need and what you need to promote your business! Of course, our comments are consistent with the client and have the form of normal user communication without attracting unnecessary attention and suspicion. Monitoring social media and responding by sowing positive information solves the following tasks:

  • collecting comments / feedback on the company's activities, reactions to events and products or other services provided;
  • evaluation of emotional representation of competitors’ activities in the network;
  • tracking negative and information risks;
  • blog monitoring;
  • identify the most popular bloggers and communities;
  • distribution of references by sites, regions, social and demographic indicators;
  • analysis of the most discussed information guides;
  • comparison of key parameters in the brand's social media with competitors;
  • sowing information directly among Your target audience.

Reputation management is:

  • Creating the image of a successful company/brand/product
  • Leveling the existing negative.
  • Development of communication matrix.
  • Maintaining a positive image.

Reputation management is necessary for:

  • Supporting a successful image;
  • Building communication with the target audience;
  • Increase awareness and develop positive emotional presentation in the network.

Creating a positive image

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Political PR

Political PR

The main goal of political PR is to create a positive opinion of a certain type of public in relation to state structures, self-government bodies and socio-political factions. In this industry, it is extremely important to have professionalism, the ability to find solutions to difficult situations, to organize and attract people, to think alive, deeply and “outside the box”.

This type of PR has a significant weight at any time of your company's development-whether it is pre-election campaigns or an inter-election period. Such PR is a hidden basis of the whole tactics of support and reputation improvement both in terms of invested time and effort, and in terms of meaning.

Our tools of political PR:

  • sociological research;
  • development of campaign strategy;
  • image-support policy;
  • external monitoring;
  • involvement of Federal and regional media;
  • preparation and production of visual agitation (Billboard advertising, posters, banners, leaflets, etc.);
  • special events;
  • organization of meetings with voters;
  • legal and financial consulting within the election campaign;
  • political consulting.

Our company employs only experienced PR specialists with many years of experience in political PR. Whether it is the organization of pickets or the release of an election newspaper – all work is carried out at a high professional level.

We guarantee confidentiality.

Political PR

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Complete anonymity and NDA


NDA (Non-disclosure agreement) — agreement on non-disclosure of confidential information.
You can sign such a contract with any entity that you trust to have access to confidential information.

The main goals of the NDA:
The first task is to prevent disclosure of the information by the employee.
The agreement is preventive and the better the agreement is the less likely it is to be disclosed.

The second task of the NDA is to apply sanctions to the employee – the offender in order to stop further disclosure of confidential information.

The third task of the NDA is to compensate for material damage that was caused by an employee of the company in connection with the disclosure of confidential information.

In summary, the main tasks are:
a) to prevent the disclosure of the information,
b) stop disclosure if it has already started,
c) punish for disclosure and compensate the damage.

In the realities of our legislation, it is a convenient and efficient legal method for protecting information.

Complete anonymity and NDA

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Audit of your company
An audittion

A procedure for independent verification and evaluation of reporting, accounting data and activities of the organization, as well as system, process, project or product.

Consultation and audit


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