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Our main tasks are: removing negative reviews on the Internet, removing information from the Internet, creating a positive image and protecting your data.

Today, many companies offer a reduction of negative in search engines, some call it SERM Services. The client has the right to choose whether to delete or downgrade.

But remember! Lowering the negative in the search engines does not give you 100% guarantee for the disappearance of links. At any time links can go up to the first page, due to the change of the indexing code of the search engine, due to the new comment on the page, increasing visits to the site, etc. Be careful!

Protect your interests on the Internet, remove personal information, remove information from blogs, remove information from forums, other sites.

Is it possible? Our answer is: “Yes, sure”!

The Internet network contains negative information about you or your company. It spoils your reputation, reduces the flow of customers!?

As we all have long understood, we all collect the maximum amount of information about the new partner before starting work. The Internet, in turn, has become the most effective and fastest way to collect the maximum amount of data, search engines provide a complete picture of the new partner/client!

Delete personal information and delete personal data, both for work and for yourself!

The removal of personal data is done with the help of highly qualified specialists, with full confidentiality for you. We remove not only links with negative information but also can completely remove personal information, remove information from the forums, clear any reminder of the link from the search engines!

How long does it take to delete personal data and information from the Internet, blogs, forums?

On average, the deletion of personal data takes from one week to three months…

What determines the period of removal of information from the Internet?

The process of removing information from the Internet, blogs, forums and other systems is carried out in several stages:

Depending on the amount of money spent on a particular portal and formed the time to delete.

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